Enhance Your Shopify Variants with Swatch King

  • Elevate the user experience by incorporating informative Variant Image Swatches with integrated pricing.

  • Utilize any image for swatches, delivering a captivating shopping experience through Color/Custom Image Swatches.

  • Present extra variations without overcrowding the page using Swatches in a Slider format.

  • Ensure order accuracy and prevent mistakes with our intuitive Confirm Size Selection feature.

  • Personalize the display of Out of Stock product options in your store.

  • Encourage quick purchasing decisions with Low Stock Alerts, conveniently implemented via app blocks.
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StarApps Variants: Empower Individual Product Listings

  • Connect similar products and show them as variants on product & collection pages.

  • Feature variants separately on collection pages, improve search and filter accuracy, ensuring users get exact results and a better experience.

  • Utilize our granular approach to variant management, enabling in-depth analysis of product performance. Easily identify the best-performing sizes, colors, or options, and optimize your marketing strategy to drive sales.

  • Improve customer experience and SEO by showcasing tailored images for each product variant, increasing visibility in search results and driving organic traffic to your site.

  • Maintain unique and optimized product titles, and descriptions for each variant displayed as individual products.

  • Ensure each product has a distinct URL for improved Google indexing and search-friendly store navigation.

  • Effortless synchronization of product variants with marketing channels such as Google Shopping, Amazon, and Facebook feeds.

  • Simplify variant creation, management, and deletion in bulk through spreadsheets and product tags.
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Unlock Your Collection Page's Full Potential

  • Enable customers to browse all product variants easily with swatches/ buttons on collection page.

  • Leverage StarApps variants to display related products together on collection page using swatches.

  • Automatically update image, price, and title information to match customer selections as they navigate through swatches and pick products/variants
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Release Your Inner Creative Genius

  • Explore our library of pre-built dropdown, swatch, and button designs within the app. Utilize them as-is or customize to align with your store's distinct visual style.

  • Use the New Options Designer to gain complete control over variant option design details, tailoring them to your preferences.
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