StarApps Variants: The Power of Individual Product Listings

Group Individual Products as Variants

  • Arrange distinct products into groups according to their similarities, presenting them as product variants on product and collection pages for an intuitive browsing experience.

  • Link multiple products within groups. Merchants frequently utilize Product Groups to display more than 99 variants within the same product.

  • Improve site navigation by consolidating related items, enabling customers to easily find and compare similar products, ultimately making more informed purchase decisions.
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Enhanced User Experience & SEO

  • Each product has its own URL so it can be indexed by Google; making your store more search-friendly.

  • Shoppers can seamlessly navigate to individual product pages through the product groups created via the app and showcased as variations. This enables you to deliver a distinctive shopping experience with customized detailed pages for each product variant.
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Accurate Search and Filter Results

  • Individual product listings improve search and filter accuracy, ensuring users get exact results and a better experience.

  • Displaying all products on collection pages helps shoppers quickly find what they need, leading to a better experience, more satisfaction, and potentially more sales.
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Amplify Marketing & Simplify Shopping Feed Sync

  • Utilize our innovative variant system for seamless syncing with shopping feeds, enabling streamlined e-commerce management.

  • Traditional variant management approaches lack the flexibility to utilize variant-level details effectively for marketing needs.

  • StarApps Variants' granular approach to variant management leverages individual product listings; it lets you track product performance at a much deeper level using analytic tools.

  • Easily identify which specific sizes, colors, or options are performing best and optimize your marketing strategies to drive sales.

  • With detailed variant analytics, you can make informed decisions to enhance your product offerings and boost your bottom line

Manage product groups efficiently with bulk updates

  • Efficiently update multiple groups or import groups from another store using spreadsheet.

  • Back-up your groups data and quickly inspect missing product/swatch images with bulk export and a spreadsheet.

  • Create, manage and delete groups using product tags.

  • Create, manage and delete groups using API (Coming Soon).